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Power belts
Power belts consist of several V-belts, which are connected by a resistant back cover. The individual belts of the power belt are of equal length and cannot stretch differently. Their bond prevents the belts from twisting sideways or jumping out of the pulley. A power belt is characterised in particular by its even and very stable power transmission and compensates for vibrations and oscillations. For this reason, power belts are often used in drives with particularly high impulse or impact loads.

Wrapped V-belts include both classic V-belts and narrow V-belts. Both types of belts are non-positive trapezoidal drive belts made of neoprene, provided with textile coating and polyester tension member, whose power is transmitted in the flanks.
Narrow V-belts are slightly narrower, but transmit more power via the flanks because they are higher than classic V-belts. They are mainly used in mechanical engineering.

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