M12x45 Hexagonalsocketheadscrew

strength 12.9, DIN 912/ ISO 4762, steel bare

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Technical specifications
item surfaceblank
DIN Norm / performanceISO 4762 / DIN 912 Hexagonal socket head screw
material qualitystrength 12.9
suitable to manufacturerWeima Maschinenbau GmbH
Eldan Recycling
suitable to machineEldan HPG 205
Eldan HR 162
Eldan MPR 200 HD
Eldan HG 169
Eldan MPR 120
Eldan MPR 160
Eldan TR 160
Eldan MPR 200
Eldan HPG 165
Weima WLK
Weima WL
Eldan HG
Eldan MPR
Eldan HR | Heavy Rasper
Eldan HPG