Lindner Recyclingtech

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What is Linder Recyclingtech?

Lindner Recyclingtech GmbH is an internationally active machine manufacturer based in Austria. Established in 1948, the family business made a name for itself in shredding and recycling of waste materials. Over time a large range of products has been developed. The many different types of Lindner shredders allow for ideal recycling of plastics, wood and metal. For this purpose, the firm puts great emphasis on all-in-one-solutions. In combination with other components, Lindner shredders fully transform the input-material into the according end product.

In Lindner Recyclingtech machines, waste materials are subjected to distinct break down processes. For instance, two Lindner shredders may be combined. A pre-shredder, e.g. Lindner Jupiter, carries out the first shredding resulting in homogenous output-material, which is then filtered by another part of the machine to extract extraneous substances. Lastly, a post-shredder (also called secondary shredder), e.g. Lindner Komet, is responsible for fine-shredding the material into the final recycling product.

System solutions by Lindner Recycling

System solutions by Lindner Recyclingtech are optimally customized to the individual materials. Paper, substitute fuel, wood, plastics or metal have different requirements for Lindner shredders. Accordingly, Lindner shredders come in many different variants – most of them stationary, some mobile.

Lindner Shredders – for every input-material

For the purpose of recycling urban and commercial waste into substitute fuel, Lindner Recyclingtech offers two solutions: a multi-step procedure for high-calorie fuel or a one-step option for middle-calorie fuel. The multi-step system features a combination of a pre-Shredder and a post-shredder. The one-step model, on the other hand, e.g. Lindner Polaris, is a highly compact design.

Recycling of plastics requires a similar procedure. The plastic waste undergoes pre-shredding, granulating, separating, washing and drying. There is also a compact option for Inhouse-Recycling.

When it comes to handling scrap wood, e.g. the Lindner Komet is used as a secondary shredder. This machine produces small, uniform pieces of wood, which can be used for chipboards, among other things. Wood waste can also be turned into fuel for heat and power stations. For this purpose, Lindner Recycling offers special mobile devices, such as the Lindner Urraco or Lindner Miura.

During paper recycling, a one-step Lindner shredder shreds paper so finely, that it can even be used for safely destroying data. Various rounds of filtering produce small scraps of paper, which then can be used in making new paper as well as blow-in insulation.

The robust Lindner shredders are also suited for the recycling of metal. Through processes of shredding and filtering, large pieces of metal are made into uniform pieces with a much smaller final volume.

Lindner Universal Shredders

Lindner Recyclingtech machines are each optimized for their respective waste material. However, there are also Lindner Shredders, which are equipped to handle several different types of materials. For instance, the Universal Shredders are suited for recycling both paper and plastics alike.

CUTMETALL manufactures process-optimized spare parts and wear parts, as well as complete devices for most Lindner Recycling models. For further information regarding machines by Lindner Recyclingtech, click on the following links.