Lindner Komet

Spare parts Made by CUTMETALL

CUTMETALL offers special spare parts for a varietay of shredders all at great value for your money. Operators of Lindner Recyclingtech shredders will find a vast selection of suitable CUTMETALL products in our online catalog.

Which Lindner Komet or Power Komet spares do you need?

In this section you will find our knives, screens, knife holders, clamping bars and other wear and spare parts "Made by CUTMETALL" which fit the Lindner Recyclingtech model series listed below:
  • Komet 1750
  • Komet 1800
  • Komet 2200
  • Komet 2200 HP
  • Komet 2800
  • Komet 2800 HP
  • Power Komet 1800
  • Power Komet 2200
  • Power Komet 2800

The right Lindner Komet or Komet PK wear part is not listed?

Should you have trouble finding the appropriate spare part for your model please do not hesitate to contact us.


PRECISE WHILE VERSATILE: The Lindner Komet model series!

The Lindner Komet model series wins you over with its multi-purpose applications in fine shredding. A Lindner Komet stationary secondary shredder has it all:  sturdy design, efficient tools, and smart features make for smooth processing.

Input materials for Lindner Komet secondary shredders

Lindner Komet shredders have no trouble turing all kinds of waste, be it household waste (known as municipal solid waste), bulky refuse, commercial and industrial waste (C&I), textiles, waste paper, waste wood, films, or other into premium solid recovered fuels (SRF).

Configuration of the Komet/Power Komet shredders by Lindner Recyclingtech

Just some of the features of the KOMET secondary shredder series:
internal pusher, plug & go screen unit, high-performance shear cutting system, different belt-drives depending on the model, torque-limiting safety-clutch, and a hydraulic maintenance doos. 

CUTMETALL products for Lindner Recyclingtech

CUTMETALL offers a wide range of "Made by CUTMETALL" products for various Lindner Komet models. Our spare and wear parts include rotor knives (fly knives/flat knives), counter knives, knife holders, screen units, wearing rings, and a variety of other parts - optimized for the individual requirements Komet shredder operators have for their specific shredding application.

You would like to know more about our product range for Lindner Recyclingtech?

Need help finding the right part or want to learn more about how to the service life and durability of your Lindner Recyclingtech shredder? Please get in touch. We are happy to assist!

Your benefits from „Made by CUTMETALL"

CUTMETALL products: More than spare parts! Tuning for your machine!

Our spare and wear parts are not original equipment manufacturer items, but CUTMETALL's optimized own brand products: accurately fitting. durable. efficient.

CUTMETALL - partner, problem solver, and process optimizer for the recycling and shredding industries.