Knife 172x57x28 Primus Line

2x double-sided counter-sunk holes, X-Version suit, able for Lindner Komet I Komet
*CUTMETALL products: More than just replacement! Tuning for your machines! Our spare and wear parts are not original parts of the machine manufacturers, but process-optimised CUTMETALL private labels: Precisely. Durable. Economical.

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Detailed description
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Technical specifications
knife featuresmedium wear / medium toughness
suitable to manufacturerLindner Recyclingtech
suitable to machineLindner Komet HP
Lindner Power Komet / Komet PK
Lindner Komet
Lindner Power Komet HP / Komet PK HP
Lindner Jupiter
production linePrimus Line = special knives Made in Germany