CUTMETALL granulator rotor knives

Looking for rotor knives? Look no further than below. This is where you will find granulator rotor knives from our extensive flat knife assortment "Made by CUTMETALL "*. CUTMETALL supplies suitable fly knives for granulator models from over 20 machine manufacturers, including Herbold, Alpine Hosokawa, STF, Condux, Eldan, Neue Herbold, Amis Zerma, Getecha, Wanner, Previero and many other renowned brands.
Our various filter options let you narrow down the search. If you cannot find the right rotor knife for your specific granulator, please let us know We love to help you find the optimal product for your application.

If you have any further questions about whether and how the service life and durability of your machines can be extended, please contact us so we can review with you how CUTMETALL products support your cutting processes.

Your CUTMETALL team!

*CUTMETALL products: More than just a spare part! Tuning for your machines! Our spare and wear parts are not original equipment manufacturer parts (OEM), but process-optimized CUTMETALL own brands: A perfect fit. Durable. Economical.