CUTMETALL-plus GmbH - Specialist in high-performance machine knives

Extremely durable industrial knives and wear components guarantee maximum efficiency!

Highly abrasive machining input materials require extremely wear-resistant industrial knives in order to guarantee consistently high-quality cutting results. CUTMETALL-plus GmbH produces machine knives with single or multi-piece brazed carbide cutters for exactly this kind of special requirement.

What makes industrial knives made from carbide so special?

A high-strength, specially hardened and tempered tool steel that is particularly tough and extremely hard-wearing is used as a base and backing material for CUTMETALL-plus carbide knives. CUTMETALL-plus has developed a special joining technology for manufacturing composite tools. The inlays are also hard brazed, whereby the basic design remains flexible, but the knife body is resistant to heavy stresses and can be used for extended periods.

Diamond finishing process creates special cutting properties

Our carbide machine knives are finished using a diamond grinding process that guarantees the best possible cutting results. This special surface finishing technique also improves the edge holding quality, even under high stresses, and produces long, homogeneous chippings. Diamond finishing also helps prevent the output material from fraying.

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