CM plus Hybrid

Industrial knives for shredding highly abrasive materials
CUTMETALL plus Carbide Germany GmbH has been manufacturing high-performance industrial knives in a hybrid design for many years.

Developed and produced in Germany, our carbide-edged knives offer the perfect solution for upgrading your shredding equipment and significantly improving the service life of your tools as well as other parameters relevant to your process.

If you are interested in knives with any of the following properties, then you need look no further:
lower power consumption
less dust generation
minimal machine vibrations
fewer downtimes
lower risk of breakage
extended service life

It is not uncommon for our products to have a service life ten times longer than standard knives made from tool steel.

If you are impressed by this information, then we will certainly have the right product for your needs.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch and arrange a personal consultation meeting with us - we will be delighted to demonstrate the full scope of our engineering expertise.

Our company offers this service with the aim of designing a product solution that meets your specific shredding requirements.

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Exceptional performance!
Carbide as a cutting material
The core of our Carbide-Line knife range includes a series of specially manufactured carbides. As the main component of carbide, tungsten is significantly more wear-resistant than the tool steels normally used to manufacture industrial knives. Furthermore, the standards set by carbide are fundamentally different due to the chemical and structural composition of the metal.

Our customers operate in a wide variety of industries and so during the project planning phase, we select the carbide type and geometry design based on the respective shredding process.

Soft core - maximum effect!
A solid foundation

A high-strength, specially hardened tool steel forms the basis of our hybrid industrial knife range. Our products are therefore guaranteed not to shatter, even under the highest loads.

A joining process developed specially for our knives ensures that their basic structure remains flexible yet tough. The durable body of the knife is also extremely resistant to heavy loads and offers an extended useful life as a result.

Special cutting properties!
Diamond finish

In order to achieve perfect cutting results with carbide, CUTMETALL plus Carbide uses a diamond finishing process for its machine knives.

For customers who regrind their own knives, we also provide grinding wheels compatible with all commercially available grinding machines.

Consequently, CUTMETALL Carbide Line knives produce homogeneous cuts and offer a significantly longer service life than standard products.

Added value guaranteed!
You will understand what we mean

Once we have tailored the knives to meet your process requirements and have adjusted them with the utmost precision, you will understand what we mean by added value. Using CUTMETALL-Carbide-Line knives will have a positive effect on every aspect of your shredding process.

Our promise!
The "knife service life" will no longer be a major issue!