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We provide our customers with customized solutions for their area of application, with which you can optimize your entire recycling process and thus work more economically efficiently. We claim that our customers experience longer service lives, less downtime and thus enormous time savings thanks to the supplied CUTMETALLL quality. In doing so, we place our focus on the entirety of the recycling process and at all times, in cooperation with our customers, we try to respond to prevailing circumstances, special requirements and needs and to deliver coordinated solutions and concepts.

We rely on our experience, our expertise and our know-how, which we can offer our customers directly and completely from our company. From development to testing and control to the production of all components - we guarantee everything from a single source.

Similar to the alternative fuel industry (SDF and RDF), many different plastics are also combined in plastics recycling.  This means that very diverse materials come together in the machines, as oftentimes sorting cannot take place before the primary cutting.  Varying ratios of hard plastic, foil, aluminium, and miscellaneous plastic components have to be dealt with.  A lot of input is also supplied for plastic recycling in bundles, which contain both the desired materials to be recycled as well as interfering non-recyclable materials which repeatedly cause issues in the primary cutting and may damage the machines.
Typical problems
The different materials may cause the shredder, which pulls the input material into the machine, to get clogged easily resulting in machine downtime.  The cutting process can only resume once the shredder has been unclogged and this usually takes a long time.  The interfering materials in the mixed input cause substantial wear to the knives and faster than the intended recyclable material.  The resulting downtime has an enormous impact on the machine service life and throughput of the material, which is thus significantly reduced.
Advantages of CUTMETALL products
We at CUTMETALL supply solutions that cater to a wide range of material requirements for plastics recycling.  In doing so, we focus on customers' demands and offer special configurations, with which customers can shorten their machine downtime and increase their throughput.  For machines in the plastics recycling, for example, we offer a modified geometry that allows for a more aggressive pullking of material into the machine.  The modification lets shredders run better and helps prevents clogging.
Industry information
In principle, plastic recycling can be categorized into three approaches.

Energetic recycling, which makes up the bulk of the plastic reuse, means energy set free during the burning of the plastic residues is reused effectively.  Highly polluted input and mixed materials can be recycled that way.
The so-called material recycling describes the process of shredding, cleaning and sorting/separating the different input materials.  After melting at high temperatures the plastic can be re-processed. Only thermoplastic plastics can be used for this purpose.
In conversion recycling, which can only be used in 1% of cases, the polymer chains are split in the plastic. New plastics are produced from the resulting monomers, oils and gases.  This method is also suitable for mixed and contaminated input.