Belt pulleys and accessories

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Belt pulleys and accessories
Belt pulleys (also called hub pulleys) are important machine elements which are required in a V-belt drive. A V-belt or power belt is used to connect two shafts together.

This type of pulley is often called a V-belt pulley or grooved pulley. Their
material is usually grey cast iron, often referred to as GG-20 or EN-GJL 200.

There are three belt-pulley varieties:
- Solid disc: full material between hub and rim
- Bottom disc: Material between hub and rim turned out
- Arm disk: Material between hub and rim only webs

In contrast to taper V-belt pulleys, hub V-belt pulleys must be drilled and grooved separately. Therefore a V-belt pulley for taper tension bushes is easier to handle and offers the following advantages:

- the shaft/hub connection can be easily aligned,
- the drive elements can be easily replaced as soon as the requirement changes,
- one wedge disk can be used for many shaft diameters

All taper clamping bushes have a bore including keyway according to DIN.
The keyway supports the entrainment of the disc by the shaft.

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