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In this section you will find suitable spare and wear parts "made by CUTMETALL" for various Bano models. If you have not found the appropriate spare part, do not hesitate to contact us. Your CUTMETALL team!

Who is Bano Recycling s.r.l.

Based in Padova, Italy, the company started manufacturing wood boilers after the Second World War. Since then Bano has developed into a leading supplier of recycling plants for a wide range of applications:
  1. aluminium recycling (jump link down to point 1)
  2. steel crushing (jump link down to point 2)
  3. cable recycling (jump link down to point 3)
  4. ASR-Recycling (jump link down to point 4)
  5. electric motor recycling (jump link down to point 5)
  6. e-waste recycling (jump link down to point 6)
  7. hazardous waste (jump link down to point 7)
  8. plastics recycling (jump link down to point 8)
  9. biomass recycling (jump link down to point 9)
  10. tyre rercycling (jump link down to point 10)
  11. shredding files (link down to point 11)
  12. special solutions (jump link down to point 12)
  13. multifunctional recycling plants (jump link down to point 13)


Over the past decade, Bano has developed modern solutions for the treatment of aluminium scrap and other non-ferrous metals. For example, Bano's PREMAC HYDRO primary shredder, with its slow-running single-shaft system and high torque, achieves a high recovery rate and minimises dust generation. PREMAC HYDRO processes metal scrap such as aluminium, copper and brass.

The machine is available in different sizes from 1.8 to 3.5 metres rotor length and different power requirements from 200 to 700 KW. Each machine is tailor-made and individually prepared with customer-specific configuration and components.

Among the products developed by Bano for aluminium and non-ferrous scrap is the MAC-S HYDRO Shredder series. This high performance secondary shredder ensures a precise cut with low maintenance costs. With individual configuration and equipment the MAC-S HYDRO can be optimally adjusted for every application. It is successfully used for processing light metal scrap such as aluminium briquettes, copper wires, brass bullets and chips. It is available in different sizes from 1.6 to 4.8 meters rotor length and different power requirements from 132 to 500 KW.


The Bano PREMAC HYDRO pre-shredder is the perfect solution for small and medium sized plants. It convinces with its versatility and low operating costs. With the new RIPPER twin-shaft shredder, Bano has expanded its product range to meet the needs of those metal recycling companies that require higher capacities.

The low speed, high torque RIPPER is available with various rotor designs and in stationary or mobile versions. The three metre long, intermeshing shafts are equipped with a double-sided gearbox and double hydraulic drive. It is particularly suitable for shredding complete vehicle bodies and mixed scrap.

With the innovative VERTICAL CUTTING MILL, Bano is responding to the increasing demand for innovations in the metal recycling industry. The special system increases the density and purity of the ferrous product, combined with the complete release of valuable non-ferrous metals. The compaction of the end product up to 3.5 t/m3 meets the highest quality standards of the steel industry.


Bano's portfolio includes single machines and complete lines. Each machine is a customised system and meets specific customer requirements. This applies to production capacities from one to four tonnes per hour and to the type of cable: from mixed standard electrical cables, telecommunications cables to dirty cables made of ELV residues.


Extraordinary versatility and robustness are essential features of the Bano ASR (Automobile Shredder Residue) recycling system. Each plant is a tailor-made system that meets specific customer requirements in terms of production capacities from one to four tonnes per hour and the type of residue: from light shredder residue with a very low metal content to residues from other processing streams such as electronic aluminium processing plants. The advantages of this system are that there are no granulators involved in the process, availability is high and maintenance and energy costs are low.


Bano VERTIKAL SCHNEIDMÜHLE opens up new business areas for recycling companies. Thanks to its versatility, it reaches a new level of recovery and processing possibilities. This system is particularly suitable for processing electric motors, compressors, transformers, generators, armatures, ELV residues, combustion scrap, waste electrical and electronic equipment and strained aluminium.


Bano's e-waste recycling plant is the result of the combination of pioneering technologies: the PREMAC HYDRO single-shaft shredder and the VERTICAL CUTTING MILL. The plant ensures high quality end products, maximum recovery and high output rates.

The Bano WEEE recycling plant processes everything from small household appliances to washing machines. Each plant is a tailor-made system that meets specific customer requirements in terms of production capacities from one to 15 tonnes per hour and the type of electrical and electronic waste.


The shredding of hazardous waste poses difficulties and risks. Bano systems also confirm their pre-eminence in this specific field. BANO's single-shaft shredders efficiently process metal or plastic drums, wooden railway sleepers and telephone poles, medical waste and ammunition.


Over the past two decades Bano has developed a complete series of machines with specific technical configurations for processing plastics such as film, rigid plastics, pipes and fibres. Recently, the company expanded its product range with the MAC-S HYDRO mobile single shaft shredder. This is Bano's response to the growing demand for mobile solutions in the plastics recycling industry. Extensive variation possibilities are available to meet the most difficult applications (e.g. PP fishing nets and PP yarns).


A high throughput, low costs and low maintenance are decisive criteria for the economical shredding of biomass. Bano machines shred green waste and fruit bundles and other biomasses. Easily exchangeable sieves ensure a homogeneous end product, which is shredded to the desired size (e.g. 30 mm) in one step.


Bano secondary shredders enjoy a very good reputation in the tyre recycling industry. They are used in plants for rubber granulation and for the production of alternative fuels. The Bano twin-shaft shredder for truck, car and motorbike tyres is available in various sizes and in stationary or mobile versions.


Bano machines shred paper waste of all kinds (such as paper rolls, cardboard and roll cores) to the required granule size. Document destruction systems are prepared and delivered according to a tailor-made concept to meet specific security requirements. Bano also has expertise in recovering and cleaning steel wire from document binders and preparing the residual waste for use as an alternative fuel.


Based on its mature technologies, Bano constantly strives to develop solutions to meet all customer-specific requirements. To this end, Bano has opened a new technical test centre. This is where the handling of new materials is analysed and tested.


The Bano multifunctional plant enables the recovery of valuable raw materials from complicated scrap materials or complex products originating from other waste streams. Each plant is designed to customer specifications according to a modular plant concept that enables all recycling requirements to be met. Among the possible applications are: Steel from tyres, stainless steel chips, aluminium caps and aerosols.

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